Management of your machine data

CERATIZIT has developed the ideal cloud infrastructure for ToolScope. In order to use the cloud services, the use of V.11 firmware is required. The CERATIZIT CLOUD can be rented via the Internet as a functional structure, or it can be installed as software for a local cloud in the customer's data centre. The data transfer via the Internet is encrypted. The CERATIZIT servers are located in Germany and are under the control of a German company.

The cloud software offers everything you need to manage large quantities of data. Machine status data is collected in databases and is available both in the database and in CSV format. The cloud transfers the data to the ToolScope Cockpit monitoring software, which visualises the data.

The cloud provided by CERATIZIT saves the user any effort related to setting up data storage.

You can purchase efficient cloud units, including Cockpit software, directly from CERATIZIT. CERATIZIT provides free six month trial access to the cloud storage.


Benefits for you

  • Recording of all relevant machine data
  • Data provision as SQL and CSV
  • Networking of machines connected
  • around the world
  • Encrypted data transmission;
  • server located in Germany
  • Can be hosted locally at the customer's site
  • Can be used immediately, free trial license



1) Clear diagrams show what is happening in the production hall

2) Tool service life diagrams provide information on potential savings

3) Bottleneck machines and idling machines can be identified quickly

ToolScope Cockpit – the plain presentation of all relevant data

The ToolScope Cockpit software collects the required data from the CERATIZIT CLOUD, analyses it and processes it to create plain presentations. This makes it possible to analyse, among others, machine standstill rates or the utilisation of machines with different NC programmes. It is possible to view data per machine, as well as configuring it for dashboard display.


Data that can be visualised

  • Machine standstill times/machine operating times
  • Allocation of machines with programs
  • Proportions of tools on primary processing time
  • Daily machine cycle
  • Average, minimum and maximum tool life
  • Distribution of tool changes throughout the day
  • Frequency analyses of tool change reasons


Benefits for you

  • Central management, analysis and visualisation of machine data worldwide
  • Transparency of machine processes
  • Browse equipment data
  • Analysis of non-networked machines is possible ("sneakernet")

ToolScope Local Cloud
This is a software product. It manages the data that ToolScope collects. The software can be installed on a server, on which it manages the data which the ToolScope systems send to the server. When using a test licence the function range is limited.

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ToolScope Cockpit
This is a software product. ToolScope Cockpit accesses a CERATIZIT CLOUD storage and then formats and displays the data in this. When using a test licence the function range is limited.

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This is an online storage which ToolScope systems can send data to. The corresponding hardware is provided by CERATIZIT. The storage manages the data which the ToolScope systems send to the cloud. The amount of memory for a test account is limited to 100GB.

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