The latest generation in production assistance with CERATIZIT

With a background of increasing automation under constant pressure from the competition, the monitoring of production processes is becoming more and more important. The CERATIZIT ToolScope system is based on the latest process and machine monitoring technology. To offer customers independent added value, CERATIZIT has developed apps (or applications) which are easy to license and activate. Customer benefits, user-friendliness and modularity are the focus of the developments. 

ToolScope applications make it easy for the user to access and utilize the recorded machine-, operating- and process-data.for. ToolScope apps provide various solutions for increasing availability, reducing main time, lowering tool costs, process documentation, connecting to the cloud and data analysis.


CERATIZIT ToolScope with clear added value

CERATIZIT is in permanent communication with users, both on the side of the customer and the company, in order to ensure a continuous improvement process and to maintain a high level of user-friendliness.

This guarantees a high acceptance rate amongst the machine operators which, in turn, leads to high customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, our customers appreciate the system's modularity as well as the technical support which is provided by our tool experts, all the way through to complete support.

BENEFITS for you

  • Wide network of CERATIZIT tool and process experts which can quickly and comprehensively support you
  • Process safeguarding and optimization through apps that can be chosen specifically to meet requirements
  • Breakage monitoring, clamping control, etc. for series processes
  • Monitoring of the actual tool wear status on the basis of slowly rising in-process force
  • Variation of the feed override in dependency of the current load on the spindle
  • Sending process data to a cloud or company network
  • Collecting operating status data; Export into a computer readable format


  • Counter for use of tools (number of workpieces/number of holes/how long tools are used for)
  • Documentation of process compliance via automatic creation of PDFs
  • Status monitoring of machines
  • Data analysis in the workplace/office
  • Remote connection/remote maintenance –> linking with tablet/PC/laptop worldwide
  • Quick qualification of new tools, e.g. optimal cutting edge geometry
  • Customer-specific programming
  • Online visualization of the process (oscilloscope function) to support the set-up process, e.g. to recognize the jamming of chips in good time

ToolScope top-hat rail

To monitor processes and record machine data

  • To be built into the machine cabinet
  • Visualization via the controls or via a touch panel (in the cabinet door or in a casing in a location of your choice)
  • Can be delivered with or without inputs/outputs (see relevant hardware section)

ToolScope touch panel PC

For monitoring processes and recording machine data

  • Can be delivered on a pedestal, a supporting arm or in the switch cabinet door
  • Available in the following sizes: 6.5", 10", 12" and 15"
  • Can be delivered with or without inputs/outputs (see relevant hardware section)

Inputs/outputs (Beckhoff terminals)

If necessary, additional analog and/or digital inputs/outputs can be connected to the ToolScope systems. This enables the integration of signals from various sensors or signals from the machine (such as when Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, etc. are not available).

Sensor case

  • Mobile version of ToolScope
  • Suited to quick feasibility studies

Collision monitoring CD303

Stops the machine if a collision occurs

  • To be built into the switch cabinet
  • Can be used with or without ToolScope (top-hat rail or touch panel PC)
  • When combined with ToolScope, the collision data is recorded for further analysis

Industry tablet

  • Enables the visualization and operation of ToolScope
  • Condition: The ToolScope must be integrated into the WLAN